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We’re proud to be #CelebratingHomecare

On the 22 September, we were proud to be one of many care companies that participated in the #CelebratingHomecare initiative which was run by The Homecare Association and The Care Workers Charity.  The aim of the campaign was to amplify the importance of home care, its impact on people’s lives and celebrate the dedicated people that work in it.

This year, the theme was #Madewithcare and homecare companies were to share examples of their team creating things at home with clients and the relationships that they develop doing so. Here’s what we shared…

Knitted with love

We had to kick off the day by sharing this cutie styling a beautiful jumper made by one of our clients! How lovely is that jumper? We treat our clients like we would our own family and as a result, they treat us like theirs!

A member of our team's son wearing a jumper that was made by one of our clients

Colouring fun

Our client loves colouring and so our wonderful team member Lauren bought her a new colouring book and set of pens so that they could enjoy colouring together! Our team love mixing our clients’ days up with creative activities.

A team member bought our client a new colouring book and pens as they loved colouring in their spare time

Helping our clients get back into the community

Lockdown was an isolating and lonely time for so many. A lot of our clients missed attending their regular social clubs and couldn’t wait to get back out in their communities. As soon as it was safe to do so, our Long Eaton team took their client to a Women’s Institute meeting that she so desperately wanted to return to. Our client was so happy to be back in the community with some champers!

We not only support our clients to live well at home, we often help them attend social events and take them on days out if they want to.

A team member took one of our clients to a Women's Institute event that they've wanted to attend for a while. It was finally safe to do so this year.

Homemade Bouquets

One of our Care Leaders from our Long Eaton branch, Heather, started cutting flowers from a client’s garden and putting them in a vase in her living room. Our client told Heather “They are from the very last roses my husband and I ever planted together and I am so happy I can see them”. What a beautiful gesture #madewithcare to brighten her day.

This is something that our whole Long Eaton team have started doing for other clients on a weekly basis!

Why our team are proud to work in homecare

In the spirit of the day, we asked our wonderful team, “Why are you proud of working in homecare?” and this is what they shared:

“Because it means so much to people to allow them to keep living in their own home and maintain their independence. You get time to develop relationships with people.”

I love working in care as it gives me a sense of pride and job satisfaction that I can take care of people that need it and treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve. I make their days more enjoyable and support them with whatever their needs may be.”

“I’m proud to work in homecare as I want to restore some dignity and independence into people’s lives. I like to encourage our clients and make them feel valued. I’m proud to be making a difference in their lives with empathy, humour and practicality.”

A few from our Ilkeston branch team holding a Celebrating Homecare sign