Avanti Homecare staff demonstrating the PPE, including Aprons masks and gloves they are wearing to keep people safe.

Coronavirus, our ongoing approach to keeping our clients safe

We continue to monitor the situation and are following Public Health England guidelines. We want to ensure our support for you and your family continues to be of the highest standard.

What you will see our carers doing to keep our clients safe

  • Keeping an eye on them for any symptoms
  • Washing their hands upon arrival using their own soap and paper towels
  • Wearing masks, gloves and aprons (when providing personal care)
  • Washing their hands at the end of the visit using their own soap and paper towels
  • Whenever possible we will maintain 2 metres (6ft) distance from our clients. Clearly this is not going to be possible when providing personal care, medication etc. but staff will be wearing full PPE at all times
  • We are structuring our rotas to keep the number of different staff that visit each client down to a minimum

Why are we doing this?

Wearing full PPE helps stop the spread of the virus

It is important that the carers use the hand wash and paper towels we provide so they can be disposed of after each visit

Keeping our distance helps reduce the risk of infection

Keeping the same small group of carers helps minimise the risk of infection.

What’s happening behind the scenes…

Our care team have a weekly PCR test to check that they don’t have an active COVID infection

Carers were near the top of the Government’s vaccine priority list and all our team were encouraged to get fully vaccinated as soon as they could.

Useful links for further information

Should you need any more information or if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to call your local branch

We will be monitoring the situation and updating this guidance as required.