In care you can make an actual difference to someone’s life.


Choosing to work with us gives you an opportunity to make a real difference whilst working alongside other people who also really do care. Care really can be one of the most rewarding jobs, you connect with people every day, putting a smile on their faces and brightening their lives. Above all your visits mean that they can continue to live safely in their own homes.

You don’t need qualifications or industry experience to sign up, you just need a compassionate nature and a willingness to help others. There is plenty of time for training and all our branches have a supportive management team to make sure that you feel confident and sure in the care you provide.

How will I make a difference?

Elderly lady smiling

What makes Avanti different?

We aren’t like other companies, care for us doesn’t stop with the clients. We value, respect and look after the people that work for us. You are a lifeline to the clients you support and we want you to feel the same way they do. Valued, loved and cared for.

Don’t take our word for it… we encourage you to read all of our reviews on Indeed, here are a selection that we love:

We aren’t claiming to be perfect, we don’t get it right for everyone every time. Read our reviews on Indeed and you will see. BUT we do try, and above all if you communicate with us we do listen and try to help. We always want to do the best we can. 

We genuinely do care about our staff and understand that you need great support to do great work.

What are the pay and benefits?

We want our team to be the most caring, compassionate people and so we give the best possible package.

  • Top rates of pay:
    • £9.25 per hour during the day
    • £9.75 per hour at evenings and weekends
  • £1.80 visit payment (paid for every visit to cover travel time and expenses) 
  • Guaranteed hours for everyone (30 hours for Full-time, 20 hours for Morning/lunch, 15 hours for Tea/bed)
  • We pay for your induction training
  • Paid personal development training days each quarter
  • As you are a direct employee you get all of the usual employment benefits including 5.6 weeks paid holidays and a pension
  • We take care of all the costs to get you going – DBS checks and uniforms are all provided by us.
  • We keep travel between clients homes to a minimum and always make sure you have time to travel in your rota

What is a working day like?

You will have an app on your phone which will guide you to our elderly clients’ home.

Visits can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours (or sometimes even longer).

Once you arrive, the app on your phone will guide you in what care to provide:

  • Sometimes it’s just being there to be company and have a chat
  • Some people need help around the home
  • Personal care is frequently required (help with showering, using the bathroom, dressing, hair, nails etc)
  • Meal preparation of healthy cooked and cold meals
  • Helping with hobbies and activities to brighten peoples lives
  • Administering medication 

Your training with us will ensure that you understand how to provide exceptional care. As you progress with us, you will have ongoing training and be exposed to more advanced care requirements such as:

  • Dementia care
  • Specialist requirements (like caring for people with Parkinsons or who have had a stroke)
  • Palliative care

How will I be trained?

Our training is different to other companies, we focus on training because we understand that you need it to feel confident in providing quality care. You don’t need experience to start with us (although if you have that’s great), we provide all the training you need.

  • Your journey with us starts with your week of paid induction training at our Ilkeston branch covering all aspects of health and social care
  • During your induction week you will spend 2 days out in the field with our most experienced care staff (we call them Care Leaders) learning through seeing and doing
  • Once you have completed your induction you will be supported in the field by our Care Leaders and Managers
  • You will complete the Care Certificate (equivalent to NVQ Level 2) during your first 3 months with us at our training centre
  • You will have ongoing specialist training as you progress with us through your first and second years
  • Want to go further? We offer opportunities to achieve diploma qualifications


Here’s how some of our experienced care staff have compared our training to their previous companies:

Silhouette of an Avanti trainee

How will I be supported in the field?

  • Our managers are always on call during working hours and are always there to support you when you need it. 
  • We have super experienced care staff that we call “Care Leaders” that are also there to support you while working.
  • Each of our branches has a member of the management team whose job it is to drop in on clients and carers to see how they are doing, giving you the opportunity to check on any areas you are concerned about or to ask for guidance.
  • Our training department are available if you need to practice or understand something new.
  • Sometimes you just need a cup of tea and a chat, we understand that, just drop into your office and you’ll always have a listening ear.

What do I need to apply?

Takes around 10 minutes to complete the online application form or if you prefer to apply on Indeed please do it there. Both work for us.

  • No experience is required (we will train you)
  • A caring, patient and compassionate nature (it also helps if you like a chat).
  • A valid driving licence and your own car
  • A smartphone 
  • Be able to work every other weekend

If you want to just have a look at the form, go ahead, you can always come back later and fill it in.


The application form, you can fill it in on a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.