For our family and for yours

Avanti Homecare was set up by Lucy Middleton with her brother Taras Johnson and his partner Elisabeth Clark in 2018 with a simple aim:

We wanted to create a care business and a team that we would trust to look after our own family if it was needed.

What would make us feel comfortable?

  • Arrive on time

    We would always want a carer to arrive on time.

  • Know who would be coming

    We would want to know who would be coming to the house and for those people to be introduced by someone we already knew.

  • Take the time to understand

    We would want people who took the time to understand exactly what would best help our family member.

  • Call us if there is an emergency

    We would want someone to call us if there was an emergency.

  • Feel like a person

    We would want our family member to feel like a person, not just another job.

  • Pick up the phone to someone that knows us

    We would want to be able to pick up the phone to someone who knows us and our parents to discuss the care, or how our parents are doing.

  • Carers to be happy

    We would want the carers to be happy, supported and fairly paid.

  • Help them however they wanted

    We would want our family member to feel like the carer would be there to help them however they wanted.

  • Carers to be proactive

    For the carers to be proactive in their approach and seeing if there was anything else they could do to help.

Have you actually provided care for your own family?

Who are we?

Lucy Middleton

Chief Care Officer

Imogen Atkinson

Chief Operating Officer

Taras Johnson

Chief Technical Officer

Elisabeth Clark

Chief Executive Officer