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Our first class training

Training is at the heart of what we do.

Whether you are changing careers or have many years of experience, we want you to be equipped to handle situations that you aren’t used to and to deliver care confidently and knowledgeably. Your confidence will make our clients feel at ease and will make your working day much more enjoyable.

For these and many more reasons, we focus on providing outstanding training from day one and throughout your career with us! Here’s what our first class training offering includes…

In your first year with us, our training department offer:

  • A whole week of induction training

    Where you will learn all of the basics in providing care to people in their homes. Click here to see the variety of topics that we cover. 

  • Your first year with us

    We carry on building your skills with additional training days. You’ll complete your Care Certificate at 3 months and then cover Advanced Dementia and End of Life training plus an annual refresher of key topics throughout the year. You can read more about each course here.

Your second year with us:

At this point, we want you to take control of your learning! You get 4 days of paid training to use every year to book courses with our training department. Courses you can choose from include:

  • Advanced Dementia

  • Palliative Care

  • Pressure Care

  • Managing Challenging Behaviour

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Learning Disabilities

What our team has said about our training…

  • ″Just want to say I found Lisa really lovely, friendly and encouraging, she was easy to share with and communicate with as you shared your thoughts and experiences. If you had any questions she was great at answering them and giving the information needed.″

  • ″Excellent induction great atmosphere both trainers extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Plenty of information to take away and lots of topics to research further. Thank you!″

  • ″Really enjoyed the training and felt part of the team.″

There’s no better time to join us!

Click here to fill in our online application – it only takes 10 minutes. Or if you have some questions and would like to have a chat with us first, call our Internal Recruiter, Sara on 0115 678 4888 or drop her an email via