Why work for Avanti Homecare?

Why work for Avanti Homecare?

We like to think we are a great company to work for… here’s why.

We know that our staff are our most important assets. Happy staff will be able to spend the time and effort with our service users and this makes for well cared for, happy clients. So we have put in place some things to ensure we are being fair, open and caring with the people we are asking to work with us and care for our clients.

  • No zero hours contracts…

    The uncertainty of not knowing if you will have enough hours’ work from one week to the next is a stress that we believe no-one should have to live with. We offer contracts with guaranteed weekly hours tailored to each person we employ.

  • We pay the real living wage (not minimum wage).

    We try to ensure that even with our shortest 30 minute visits and 15 minutes of travel per hour that someone working for us earns on average the real living wage per hour.

  • Holiday pay

    We know how important it is to take a break from work and recharge your batteries and so we pay for up to 5.6 weeks holiday each year (pro-rata if you are part time). We want our carers to have time and space away from work so that they enjoy coming back!

  • Uniforms provided (yes... all of them)

    We proudly provide all the uniform our carers need, three polo shirts and a fleece. Our uniforms are practical and easy to maintain.

  • DBS Checks paid for

    We pay for the DBS Enhanced Disclosure checks we require.

  • We pay for the training

    We have our own training program and on-site facilities tailored to providing homecare specific training. You will then spend time shadowing a senior member of our team and only when both you and we are happy will you be out on your own caring for our service users. We pay for the days of training we require our carers to undertake.

    As we have on-site training facilities we also offer practice sessions where you can practise with new or unfamiliar equipment in the safety of our friendly office. It also gives a good opportunity to update us on how things are going.

  • We support our people

    When you are caring for people things can happen that are out of the ordinary, people are unpredictable in that way. We understand that and we have in place a network of experienced carers and a management team that are on hand to lend support and guidance. Our carers don’t feel left on their own, there’s always someone available in the office or at the end of a phone and if you need us to come to you to help then that’s exactly what we will do.

  • We listen

    Carers understand the people that they are caring for. They can tell when something is not right or out of the ordinary and we always want them to let us know about it. We will always take your concerns seriously and make sure that they are followed up. We will also let you know what the outcome is so you can be confident that things have been addressed when needed.

    Also sometimes our carers need a bit of care themselves. We are here to listen and help if we can.

  • Career progression

    If you are looking to progress your career in care, please let us know. You will find always find that we are very excited to hear it! We will support you through the necessary training and help to find that next, bigger role within Avanti. We also know that not everyone wants to go through additional training and enjoy doing their current job. So as long as you are happy in your role then that’s ok by us too.

  • Pension scheme

    We offer a workplace pension scheme with matched contributions so that you can save towards your old age if you would like to. If you don’t want to contribute then you can opt-out, it’s your choice.

  • Little things…

    We encourage our people to drop in for a tea or coffee and a biscuit and have a chat. On Fridays we have cake in the office – yes we are trying to tempt you to come in! It’s a friendly environment here and we want to see our carers so we can hear how things are going.

    Cake Friday with staff at Avanti Homecare… Warning actual cakes may vary (it’s not always chocolate… although we do like chocolate… but other flavours are nice too!)

If you think you might like to work at Avanti Homecare drop us a line on 0115 8571001 or fill in our application form. We are always looking for good people to join our team.