Taras Johnson

Technology and Care

Company Role: All things tech, training and providing care.

What do you do at Avanti?
Anything that has a screen goes beep or can be plugged in is my responsibility. I am also one of our in-house trainers for Moving and Handling which we deliver in our dedicated training room.

What’s your background?
I used to be a website designer and developer for many years so I am well versed in the tech side of things.

What is something that you’d like to help change in the care industry?
Tech is catching up with the care sector, I want to help bring in good technology that can help people stay in their homes safely and for longer. I am also very pro exercise and keeping people moving to preserve their health. I am hoping we can bring some innovative ways for our clients to stay fitter and stronger as they get older.

What do you like most about your job?
Ensuring our clients and staff are being well taken care of is what I like best because it’s so rewarding. Also, I love it when our carers come in and tell me a client was really happy with something they had done.

What do you like when you’re not Avanti-ing?
I love to dive. Underwater world is great, it’s like being on a different planet and so beautiful. I’m very concerned about the state of the world’s oceans, and have seen first hand how bad it’s getting for coral. If you’re not already aware, have a read about it.

What’s one thing you can’t resist?
I mean that’s temptation right? No seriously most things are resistible except maybe an ice cold beer on a very hot day!