How does our overseas care worker recruitment process work?

We are limited in the number of sponsorship visas available. Also we want to offer you as much support as we can, so we will be recruiting in small groups to ensure that you get the best possible start with us and in the UK.

So you understand how this works here’s our process, please note that we will not accept applications outside of this process. Please don’t use other forms on the website or general email addresses to send in applications. We will not accept them via other routes.

1. Complete the Pre-Screening Form

First we ask you to complete the pre-screening form here.

We are looking to find out about you, your care experience and why you want to join Avanti Homecare and work in the UK. Also we need to confirm that you have a driving licence and care experience.

If the form is closed, enter your email address and we will let you know when we are ready to accept new applications.


2. Screening Interview (recorded)

We select a pool of the best candidates that submitted the form and invite them to an initial interview with our recruitment department. This will usually be on WhatsApp video, Google Meets or by telephone.

In this interview we will ask you about your English skills, driving licence status, experience and expectations of the job as well as finding more about you as a person.


3. Detailed application

If you pass the screening interview, we will invite you to fill in a more detailed application form. At this stage, we are looking for detail on your readiness to move to the UK. Here’s a handy checklist of what we will be looking for:

  • Passport

     Scan or photograph, please make sure we can read all of the information on your passport.

  • Driving licence

    Scan or photograph, Please use your Photo ID (plastic card) not the paper version of your licence. If you don’t have a Photo ID card driving licence, you will need to get it reissued because you aren’t allowed to drive in the UK without it.

  • International Driving Permit (IDP)

    Scan or photograph of your international driving permit. Your international driving permit is not valid without your original photo ID driver’s licence (above) so you need to have both.

  • English skill certificate

    You must be able to read, write, speak and understand English at level B1 minimum on the Common European Framework for Languages scale.

  • Criminal record certificate (sometimes known as ‘Certificate of Good Character’)

    Needs to be from any country where you have lived for 12 months or more (continuously or in total) over the last 10 years, when aged 18 or more. Country by country details here.

  • Tuberculosis test certificate

    You need a TB test certificate (if you are applying from one of these countries). You must be tested at a clinic that has been approved by the Home Office.

  • Employment details & References

    Ensure you have email addresses for 2 professionals who will act as referees for you.


4. Video Interview (recorded) with a Registered Manager

Our registered managers are the managers of our branches. These are the people who ensure our clients and carers are cared for like family. They are the people who would be managing you day-to-day. This will be like the screening interview (expect some of the same readiness questions) but much more in depth. Tackling themes like:

  • What would you do in various care scenarios
  • How aware you are of UK culture and UK cultural values
  • What do you think it’s going to be like living and working in the UK

Following this interview we may either:

  1. Ask for a further interview if we have more questions to ask you
  2. Offer you a position (subject to documents being in order)
  3. Let you know that it hasn’t worked out this time (and why).


5. Before you arrive in the UK

We will be in constant contact to ensure that you have the support you need to get here, get setup and that you understand all of the arrangements for when you arrive.


6. When you arrive in the UK

We have a 2 week induction programme waiting for you!
Week 1 – the first week is all about orientation (what our local area is like and local customs) and getting you setup with things like a bank account, car, medical arrangements etc (also a coat… it rains a lot here!)
Week 2 – our training department will spend three days with you and train you on everything you need to know about delivering care at Avanti. On the other two days, you will be out in the community shadowing (observing and doing) with our Care Leaders.